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Hello all, it's late and I am tired but I will say something. My name is David Coallier-Lalonde and I currently am a PHP/Perl/Python/VB programmer for the company I work for.

About me: I'm a 18 years old programmer who's working in a company since I'm 17. I like it and enjoy it. I like to give a great help to the Open-Source Community since I believe that the knowledge sharing is a great power that we should exploit. I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I'm starting my company which will involve Web Application(PHP/Perl), Database maintenance, Server/network setup. So if you need any free hosting with php, mysql it's time to ask me before I have too many requests. What else ? I'm lonely, wear glasses and euh.. I have asthma. I'm passionated about networking, security and php.

Got a question, don't hesitate to email me or ask on #linuxnewbie on


  • I'm passionate which can be sometimes bad, sometimes good..

  • So my languages are:
* Perl
* Python
* C/C++/Java --> all those before I start working where I work.
  • Known dbms
* I currently work with:
 * MySQL
 * I know some PostGreSQL but since MySQL 5 has stored procs, I don't need it.

  • Distros
* Using Debian for servers ( About 8 production servers, 5 testing servers and some random crap. )
* Slackware for desktops. ( Laptop, desktop )
  one Slackware Server
* One Gentoo server
* I used: Redhat 8, 9, FC1, Gentoo, Mandrake, Ubuntu, Knoppix

-> Reach me on #linuxnewbie @ undernet && #mysql @


  • clrscr() for linux ? do it like this..
#include <stdio.h>

int main()
// EOF