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#mysql Wiki

Welcome to the Wiki for the #mysql IRC channel. You can find the channel on . For more information about Libera, please see

Do please help make this a wonderful resource for the entire MySQL community.

Protected Pages

We used to have a serious problem with spam and rather a of lot pages had to be protected as a stop gap. A few of those pages may still be protected. If you want to edit a protected page, put a request on either the talk page or ask in the channel, and someone will probably lift the protection a lot quicker.

Wiki Account Creation

New account creation was disabled due to the spamming problem. For that reason, if you want to edit the wiki, then please join us on #mysql and ask one of the sysops there to create one for you.


  • To talk in #mysql, you need to have your nickname registered with Libera's NickServ and be identified with that account. Hint: /msg NickServ help
  • Channel Management: As the number of channel members has grown the need to keep thing to a dull roar has also grown. We are here to help, support and promote the MySQL Community. As such channel moderators may, at their discretion, may put in place any bans they feel best suits the needs. Usually this will be just the individual. However, if further disruption cannot be assured with a highly targeted banning then banning entire networks, ISPs and even countries.
  • Channel Policies
  • ChannelRegulars
  • Using the SQL bot
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • The main language in #mysql is English. You can try to ask in a different language, perhaps you are lucky. Please note there are also channels in other languages, i.e.

Official MySQL Links

SQL Tutorials and Best Practices

Installing MySQL

MySQL Troubleshooting

Developing for a MySQL Database

What not to do


User Contributed Scripts