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  • MySQL Workbench - Query editor, EED editor (graphical schema diagrams), forward/reverse engineering schemas, administration features
  • phpMyAdmin - Installed on pretty much every hosting provider and easy to install on your own web server. Neat interface, works from a browser, can connect to any MySQL server on any OS
  • SQLyog - available in free and paid versions, lots of features.
  • Here is a link to the people that made the MySQL Query Browser and MySQL Administrator tools. DbDesigner4
  • You should also take a look at NaviCat - Available for Linux, OS X, and Windows. Although it's not free, it can do many things including converting data to/from other programs and file formats. Also offers support for 5.0 Features (SProcs, Views, etc)[1]
  • TOra is an excellent tool but its MySQL support can be a little spotty and newer Qt releases have introduced some compatibility issues. Still, when it works, it's phenomenal.
  • CocoaMySQL has been abandoned